Why Now Is the Time for a New Laptop, PC, or Chromebook


The COVID-19 outbreak has most people spending a lot more time at home than they’re used to. For some, staying at home around the clock has posed challenges in keeping up with work on a remote basis, engaging kids with educational activities, and simply fending off boredom. So, it may be the time to invest in a new laptop, desktop PC, or Chromebook for your family’s computing needs. Smart Parts PC can help you make the right purchase for your increased time at home.

We offer a no-nonsense approach to shopping for a new computer. We won’t try to sell you a machine that’s more technology than you need. Conversely, we will let you know if the laptop you’re eyeing doesn’t have the computing power to fulfill your needs. We understand that it’s a difficult time for family budgets, so we are doing everything we can to keep our prices competitive. In addition, we can help you out over the phone and get your new computer ready to pick up from our store. We also offer free shipping on all products. Thus, you can minimize potential exposure in the community without resorting to the less personal shopping experience of big sites like Amazon. Keep everyone in the family happy and support our local business by calling us to find the right computer for your social distancing situation.

Working from Home

If you’re used to the quiet space of a dedicated office, working from home is certainly an adjustment. However, it can be downright frustrating if you don’t have the right computer for the task. You might consider upgrading your laptop if you need to connect to a remote server, utilize video conference software to stay connected to your team, or frequently download and upload documents. Alternatively, you may find that a custom PC is more ideal for your remote work setup.


Kids Are Out of School

Spring break is likely to be extended for a period of weeks or even months as coronavirus concerns continue. So, you might be worried about your child’s learning during this long break from the classroom. Fortunately, there are many home learning resources available online for kids in all age groups. Many are currently offered at discounted rates or even for free. For many online learning programs, a Chromebook is the perfect device. They are not only compact and kid-friendly, but they are easy on your budget too.

Staying Entertained at Home

Being quarantined at home means finding new hobbies and ways to stay entertained. If you love streaming video, a new laptop may be the ideal upgrade from your entry level computer. It might also help resolve family quibbles about what to watch next on Netflix. However, if you want to get into gaming, you might want something with better graphics and audio. A custom gaming PC can be a great investment if you’re preparing to hunker down at home with a new hobby. Smart Parts PC offers a wide selection of pre-built gaming PCs, but we can also help you build your own if you’re the tinkering type.

For your work, academic, and gaming needs, reach out to Smart Parts PC at (520) 468-2320. Don’t forget, we are also here to help with computer repairs, home network setup, and data recovery.