Why Is My Computer Not Turning On?

What could be more frustrating than sitting down at your computer only to discover that it won’t turn on? At Smart Parts PC, we get many calls from customers who ask, “Why is my computer not turning on?” Fortunately, we can usually solve this annoying issue quickly. Oftentimes, the fix is simple. Every so often, it takes a little more work to find out the exact issue. However, identifying the problem is the first step to making sure your computer gets back to working order. Here is what you need to know if you find yourself wondering, “Why is my computer not turning on?”

Your power cable may be to blame.

Your computer’s power cable is a likely offender when it comes to your device not turning on. Of course, the first thing you’ll want to check is that the power cable has not accidently become disconnected from either your device or the wall outlet. Sometimes, a little bump is all it takes for this to happen. If your power cord is unplugged, simply plugging it back in may be all that is required.

Sometimes, problems with power cords can be a little harder to spot. There may be an issue with an internal cable inside the cord that you can’t see. There could also be damage to the part of the cord that connects to the computer or to the port into which you plug your power cable. If your computer won’t power up, one of the first things that a computer repair shop will usually do is test it with another power cable. If your computer turns on with the new power cable, then your cable is likely to blame for your computer not powering up.

Batteries are a common culprit in laptop power problems.

Batteries in laptops don’t last forever. It is possible for your battery to fail while there is still plenty of life left in your computer. If this is the case, a new battery would solve the problem. There are many signs which indicate that your battery is nearing the end of its lifespan. These include things like your computer shutting down unexpectedly, your battery taking longer than normal to charge, and your computer frequently overheating, even with minor usage. In some cases, your computer system may even alert you to an issue with your battery.

As with power cable problems, a computer repair shop may determine if your battery is to blame by removing it and testing your system with a new battery. You can also do a test at home by removing your battery and pressing the power button for about 30 seconds to get rid of any last bits of charge. If your laptop then turns on with a new battery, then you know that your old battery was to blame.

Internal wiring can cause power issues.

If your power cable and battery are working fine, but your system still won’t power up, then you could have an internal wiring issue. This kind of problem should only be handled by a computer repair expert, who can open your computer and examine the internal systems. During this process, tests can be run on your system to see if there is a problem with the motherboard, PSU, or other component. They can also advise you on whether the problem is fixable or if you should consider a new system.

“Why is my computer not turning on?” If you find yourself wondering this, then it’s time to call Smart Parts PC. Our computer repair experts in Tucson are experienced in working with a wide array of systems and computer issues. They can return your device to operating condition quickly and affordably. Get computer repair help today by calling (520) 468-2320.