Common Signs Your Computer Might Have a Virus

Let's explore common signs indicating your computer might be infected with a virus.

Slow Performance

Is your computer suddenly sluggish? It could be due to a virus hogging system resources.

Unexpected Pop-ups

Constant pop-ups, especially when not browsing, signal adware or malware presence.

Changes in Settings

Unexplained alterations in settings, like homepage or search engine, could indicate malware activity.

Strange Behavior

Mysterious file disappearances or programs crashing may signify a virus at play.

Increased Network Activity

Unusually high network activity when not in use could mean your computer is compromised.

Security Warnings

Don't ignore antivirus or OS security warnings—they're alerts to potential threats.


Stay vigilant against these signs to protect your computer and data. Keep software updated and practice safe browsing habits for a secure digital experience.