6 Things All PC Gamers NEED TO KNOW!

We'll go through some key instruments that can assist in identifying any problems that can arise with your gaming PC.

1. Screwdriver kit

Given that some gaming laptop upgrades require more specialised low-profile screws, they can be very useful in this case.

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2. Electric duster

Although compressed air cans, commonly referred to as gas dusters, are very useful for cleaning out your PC, they are also bad for the environment and require regular purchase.

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3. Gamepad

The majority of PC games are best played using a keyboard and mouse, but there are a few situations in which a more conventional gamepad can be more advantageous, particularly with racing and VR games.

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4. Windows USB installer

Your PC could become inoperable as a result of faulty drivers, storage troubles, and a variety of other potential problems.

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5. High-quality headset

The audio quality will never be an issue with a high-end headset and a high-quality microphone.

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6. SATA USB adapters

A SATA to USB adapter is another excellent item to have on hand in case of emergency (or when a relative asks you to restore files from an old PC).

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