Remote Desktop/Phone Support


Fast and Easy Remote Desktop Connection

Describing a PC issue over the phone can be a daunting task when you really don’t know what the exact issue is with your Mac or PC. A Smart Parts PC tech provides instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers anywhere in the world. We can view and control your desktop in just seconds (with your permission of course!) Once we have connected, we can discuss the issue over the phone while seeing what you are seeing on your computer.

Privacy and Security Come Standard

We utilize the latest industry standards and infrastructure to ensure the highest level of security and privacy for our customers

US Based Support

We are a local company here in Tucson, AZ and all support is done here right from our shop. No need to worry about being transferred to someone halfway around the world.

Let us be your dedicated IT Help Desk!

With many people working from home now and the rise of small businesses being run from home, homeowners are taking advantage of residential IT services. With a need for accessing a secure internet connection, regular data backups, and robust cybersecurity practices, your home’s technology is important, too! WIth our managed services, we approach things is a more proactive manner vs a more costly reactive manner.

Our residential Help Desk and IT services include the following:

  • * Remote Support:Get fast and Immediate assistance on any managed device from a Smart Parts PC tech to remotely solve any issue. Two 30-minute sessions a month included (A $59.98 value) and 20% off any session after that! Remote support for residential customers is available during normal business hours. Need help after hours? With our remote managed software, you can submit a help desk ticket request right from your computer with ease.
  • *Managed Cybersecurity Service:In this day and age, cybersecurity is more important that ever. Scam calls for fake IT support from people to be claiming to be from Microsoft, Dell, etc.., it’s increasingly important that you are protected. With our 24/7 remote monitoring and managed virus service, we can keep you and your data as safe as possible!
  • *Cloud Backup:Most recent surveys consistently show that more than half of people said they either know someone, or have themselves recently lost data. The reality is that data is lost all the time due to hardware failure, ransomeware, lost or stolen devices, and even human error! We can backup your most important documents and make sure they are never lost for any reason. Need a more expansive cloud storage solution? Contact us so we can customize your data backup needs. (Extra fees may apply)
  • *Device Maintenance:Prolong the health of your computer and keep your computer running as fast as possible! We can maintain your computer in the background without ever interrupting your workflow.
  • *Security Patch Management:Nothing is worse than getting an automatic “restart” notification while you’re in the middle of something important. Worse yet, is getting a Blue Screen of Death after a major Windows update. Let us take away that worry. We can manage and apply all security updates and patches in the background so that you are never bothered with pesky updates at the most inopportune time, as well as push through Windows updates during off-peak hours after we have vetted those updates to be safe for your computer.
  • *Discounted In-Home Field Call visits:Need help in your home from a Smart Parts PC Tech Support Agent? As a Managed IT customer, enjoy 20% off all field visits.

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