How to Fix a Broken Laptop Screen (and Other Common Laptop Repairs)

If your laptop has recently broken, you may be dreading the thought of purchasing a new one. However, before you break out your checkbook, visit a local laptop repair specialist to see if the problem is fixable. Even some of the most seemingly catastrophic laptop issues, such as a cracked screen or broken hinges, can be fixed at a fraction of the cost of a new computer.

What can you do about a broken laptop screen?

Many laptop owners assume that a broken screen is a death sentence for the machine. However, LCD panels for laptops are replaceable parts. Even though your laptop may currently be unusable with a cracked screen, it can be restored! Still, you shouldn’t attempt to replace your laptop screen yourself. LCD panels and the connections for them are easily damaged without proper knowledge. Consulting a repair professional will ensure that the repair is quick and effective.


Can you fix a broken laptop hinge?

Because laptops are lightweight and portable, they are often the victim of accidents. Specifically, they’re easily dropped, knocked off countertops, or sat on. These common accidents can not only damage the screen, but they could also break your laptop hinges. Just like a broken laptop screen, laptop hinges can be replaced. While this repair is a simple fix for the pros, it’s also not a DIY job.

Is a broken laptop keyboard fixable?

Another common accident involving laptops is spilled liquids, which can create a sticky mess on the keyboard. Even the most carefully cared for laptops may eventually see dislodged keys or worn out switches. Fortunately, most manufacturers account for this wear and tear, and they have replaceable parts available. Your Tucson laptop repair professional may even be able to complete the job the same day if you have a common laptop model and the replacement hardware is ready in stock.

What can be done about an overheating laptop?

For some laptop owners, it’s not broken parts that cause issues. Instead, there may be performance issues at bay. For example, overheating is a common problem for older laptops. Sometimes, the fix is as simple as cleaning out air vents and removing dust from inside the machine. However, a replacement fan and adjustments to your system settings may be necessary as well.

Are laptop repairs affordable?

If your laptop breaks, don’t panic! Most repairs are affordable and completed within a day or two. You’ll pay a fraction of what you might for a new computer and get much more life from your current machine.

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