How Do I Connect My Computer or Laptop to My TV?

If you’re like most people, then you probably rely on your computer or laptop for everything from email to entertainment. Indeed, the line between these types of devices grows thinner with every passing year. If you have one type of device, then you are probably wanting to use it in tandem with the other. Thus, one of the more common questions we get at Smart Parts PC is “How do I connect my computer or laptop to my TV?”

There are several reasons why you might want to do this. You might want to watch content from an app such as Hulu or you might want to play a game. You might even want to stream a video from a website. Whatever your reason is, finding the answer is simple—all you need to do is get in touch with us! Here are some questions that you might have about connecting your computer or laptop to your TV.

How old are your TV and your device?

If you’re wondering “How do I connect my computer or laptop to my TV?”, then the first question you should ask is the age of the devices you’re working with. The age of your devices determines what outputs and inputs they will have. This, in turn, affects how you will set them up. If your devices are older, then they most likely have a VGA (Video Graphics Array) connector, with its familiar three rows of 15 pins. This port will most likely be blue on your TV, but it might be either blue or black on the laptop. If you have any trouble finding the connector, then call your computer store.

Where are the input settings on my TV?

In addition to finding the connector, you’ll also need to change the input settings on your TV in order to connect it with your laptop. In some models, this can be a little tricky to find. It could help if you kept your owner’s manual, so that you can more easily find how to access the settings. Once you have found the settings and changed them, your laptop should be connected to your TV. If you aren’t sure how to find the correct settings for your TV, then an experienced computer technician may be able to help.

What if you have a newer TV or device?

If you are working with a newer TV or laptop, then the process of connecting the two devices will be a little different. For midrange devices, you may be dealing with an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) interface. This is generally a simple setup. If you have HDMI on both your laptop and your TV, then you will be able to make the connection easily. On other newer devices, you will have what is known as a display port. In that case, you will just be connecting the two. As with an older TV, however, you will still need to find and change the input settings.

What kind of display will my TV show?

Once you have connected the two devices, you can either decide to duplicate the display so that it is an exact copy of the image from the laptop, or you can set it up so that it extends the display. This is up to you, of course. If you haven’t been able to make the right display appear on your TV, then you may need to retrace your steps. If you’re still not sure, then it may be time to call a computer store for help.

What if I have any questions about connecting the devices?

If you are having trouble getting your laptop’s display to show up on your TV, then you may be frustrated. Fortunately, this is usually an easy fix. If you’re in need of help with connecting your two devices, then Smart Parts PC can help. Simply give us a call and ask: “Can you help me connect my computer or laptop to my TV?” We’ll walk you through the steps on the phone or send a technician to help.

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