How Do I Back Up My Data?

Whether it’s for business or personal reasons, it’s important to always keep your data safe and secure. Thus, one of the most common questions heard at computer stores is “How do I back up my data?” That is, how can you make sure that you don’t lose your most valuable information? In fact, there are several ways in which you can effectively safeguard your data. Here’s what you need to know about your options for data backup.

You can use a flash drive.

One way to back up your data is to put it on a device commonly known as a flash drive. A flash drive is a small data storage device that plugs directly into your computer, so you can copy your files onto it. The benefits of a flash drive are many: They are simple to store, easy to plug in, and intuitive to use. In order to use a flash drive, you’ll simply drag any files that you want to save from your computer onto the device, and you’ll be good to go! In most cases, this is the fastest and easiest way to back up data. However, flash drives can store only a limited amount of data. Thus, it’s smart not to make this your only data storage method.

You can store your data on an external hard drive.

An external hard drive—or portable hard drive—is a device that plugs into your computer so you can back up or transfer files. This method has some advantages over relying on a flash drive for storing your data. Not only will an external hard drive offer more storage than a flash drive, but it can also be used to back up your entire system. Why is this so important? The answer is simple. If your system ever needs to be recovered because your computer has been infected with a virus or your system has crashed, then you can recover your entire computer from the hard drive. If you’re wondering “What’s the best way to back up my data?”, then using an external hard drive is an excellent solution.

You can also use cloud storage to protect your data.

You can also save your files using a cloud storage program such as Dropbox, Apple iCloud, or Microsoft OneDrive. Computer experts tend to go by something called the “3 to 1” rule. That is, if you have three total sets of data, at least one of them should be backed up offsite. The best offsite storage option, most of the time, is cloud storage. Why is offsite storage so important? Imagine the worst-case scenario: You lose your equipment, whether to burglars, fire, or accident. It doesn’t matter how many times you have backed up your data onsite if all that equipment is destroyed. Cloud storage offers you a simple solution for that.

There are other options for offsite storage.

Many people have some concerns about using cloud storage, often because they do not think it is secure. They may fear that their information will somehow be made public, or that it will be misused by the companies that run the programs. While cloud storage is usually a safe option, many individuals and businesses remain skeptical. Thus, they want to know, “How can I back up my data without using cloud storage?” If you are not comfortable using cloud storage, then you should back up your data on an external device that you keep offsite. One good option is to back up your data on an external hard drive, then keep it in the safety deposit box of a bank. That will provide you with a secure offsite backup option if you need it.

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