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Home and Office network setup

Internet access has become essential in the modern world. In fact, it is just another utility like electricity or water. Thus, any home or office needs a wireless network to function normally. However, it may not be enough to simply plug in your router. Creating a home or office network may be necessary to ensure internet access in all areas of your house or office and gain better control over your network access. Smart Parts PC can help you with your network setup. Our team of mobile technicians provides residential and commercial network services, ensuring that you have the right hardware and the right network architecture for your needs. Keep reading for a closer look at our services.

Reliable Networks for Businesses

Almost every business relies on their internet connection to conduct regular operations. Reliable networks begin with the right hardware. Smart Parts PC can help you select the routers and switches that will establish a secure network for your office. You can also customize and meter internet access with managed and smart switches, which can let you regulate traffic on your network. We can also integrate devices like printers and scanners into your office network, so you can work wirelessly with that equipment. In addition, we can help to build a scalable office network that can adapt to your changing needs. After all, your network should be able to grow with your business. Furthermore, we can provide managed IT services to ensure minimal network downtime along with fully functioning devices and support for your staff.

Residential Network Setup

Do you have trouble getting a Wi-Fi signal upstairs or in certain rooms of the house? Are you upgrading your home with smart devices linked to your home network? Smart Parts PC can offer help in both scenarios. We can help extend your network reach with wireless switches. These serve as hubs for devices to log on from areas which previously had a weak signal. We can also help you install your smart devices and adjust their factory settings to minimize unwanted access to your network. Furthermore, we can configure a network firewall that will limit unwanted access from unknown devices. In turn, you’ll reduce your risk for computer viruses and compromised personal data. We can even help you monitor network activity and moderate access among known devices, meaning that you can feel safer about younger members of the household connecting to the internet.

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