Why Is My Computer Not Turning On?

What could be more frustrating than sitting down at your computer only to discover that it won’t turn on? At Smart Parts PC, we get many calls from customers who ask, “Why is my computer not turning on?” Fortunately, we can usually solve this annoying issue quickly. Oftentimes, the fix is simple. Every so often,… Read More

HDD vs. SSD: Which Is Better?

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Don’t Fall for These Common Computer Repair Myths

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How Can You Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer?

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How Do I Connect My Computer or Laptop to My TV?

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Can I Get a Virus from an Email?

One of the most common questions that computer technicians hear is “Can I get a virus from an email?” It’s an understandable question—and, unfortunately, the answer is yes. Viruses can be so destructive to your device that it’s only natural to want to keep them at bay. Unfortunately, viruses are also easy to pick up—if… Read More

How Do I Back Up My Data?

Whether it’s for business or personal reasons, it’s important to always keep your data safe and secure. Thus, one of the most common questions heard at computer stores is “How do I back up my data?” That is, how can you make sure that you don’t lose your most valuable information? In fact, there are… Read More