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Virus Removal

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How Did My Computer Get Infected?

The vast majority of computer viruses come from infected websites. These viruses exploit a security vulnerability in your web browser, whether it’s Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. It’s been estimated that more than 90% of the virus-infected websites on the internet are legitimate. Therefore, the people who own or manage the website are not even aware that their website is infected. To give an example, a while back we had four different customers who came to us with infected computers who swore that the last website they visited was that of a major airline! This was too coincidental not to be true. Fortunately, we were here to help with our virus removal services.

Your best protection against these threats is to be careful what websites you visit and what links you click on. In addition, you should keep your antivirus software up to date.


Here are some further tips for keeping your computers virus-free:

Tip #1: Keep Your Operating System and Web Browser Up-to-Date

This is vitally important. Microsoft regularly releases security updates for Windows operating systems, whether you’re using Windows XP, Vista, or 10. Big collections of security updates and bug fixes are called “service packs.” If you are running Windows XP, as of this date, you should also have Service Pack 3 installed. For Vista, Service Pack 2. For Windows 7, service pack 1. Unless you have a good reason for not doing so, Automatic Updates should be turned on. If you use a Mac, you should also stay up to date with regular OS and browser updates.

Tip #2: Consider Switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox as your default web browser.

Most people “in the know” believe that Firefox is a more secure and better-updated web browser than Internet Explorer. It is also considered more user-friendly and private.

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Tip #3: Do not open email attachments from people you do not know.

Opening up unknown email attachments is one of the easiest ways to infect your computer with a virus. However, using spam filters in your inbox can help you reduce the likelihood of clicking on a dangerous attachment.

Tip #4: Resist the temptation to install “free” Internet games, emoticons, desktop screensavers, and the like.

These so-called “free” programs often contain adware. Even worse, they can result in endless pop-up advertisements and other annoying features. As a rule, if you don’t have a good reason to trust the source of the free game or program, do not download it, install it, or agree to install it.

Tip #5: Stay away from suspicious-looking websites.

Use your common sense in this respect.

Tip #6: Limit your child’s computer access.

Use your best judgment when it comes to letting minors use your computer. It’s important for everybody to know how to use the internet safely, whatever their age. Remember: Your 13-year-old may know more about computers than you do, but he also doesn’t have to pay for the computer repair technician!

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Do you have a computer virus? Smart Parts PC can help. Our seasoned computer technicians can remove all viruses from your device, update it, and even install brand-new software to prevent future issues. We proudly serve customers in Tucson and the surrounding communities. If you’d like to learn more about our virus removal services, get in touch with our team today at (520) 468-2320.

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